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Monday, April 14, 2014
The Art of Choosing a Domain Name for Your Business

The Art of Choosing a Domain Name for Your Business

If you have ever thought of starting an online business then you know that the starting point is putting up a website.  However, before you even build your business website you have to decide on the address that is best suitable for your business. In the internet world, the address for an online website is referred to as the domain name. Therefore choosing a good domain name is very important in any online venture as a good domain name will give good first impression, thus attract and keep attracting people to your website. 

Before you choose a domain name, make sure that you are certain of your business field or the name of your business. Your domain name should therefore reflect your business field or your business name. This will help with attracting traffic to your site as most people tend to search the web using a key word and therefore might miss your business if you use some name that is not related to your business. Sometimes we are tempted to go for fancy names that do not relate to our business anyway, this can be costly when it comes to creating customer traffic, we should therefore work with this in mind. 

In practice by doing a little research online you will find out that, most of the common business names are already taken. For instance, you could be into books business and wants to name your online venture, most likely you will find out that that name is already taken. The best way is to be a little creative so that you don’t get yourself disappointed when you discover was a great domain name for your business venture is already taken. You could use a colloquial for you domain say, this will help not to change your domain from you business field but also you will make it easier to remember, as your name is distinctively different from other online footwear ventures.

Other than the name you have chosen for your website there is the other part of domain names often referred to as the domain for example if you have chosen to name your business Tech & Train because it is dealing in technology topics then your full domain name maybe:  The .com is what is known as the domain is very vital in the performance of your business online. There are different levels of domain currently in use in the world.  If you are only interested in attracting customers within a given geographical location, say a country then it would be prudent to use a domain  that represent various country for example  for united kingdom or for Kenya. For worldwide viewership then some of the common domains are: .com, .net, .org among others. If you end up with a wrong domain then you might sabotage your business growth. 
Thursday, April 10, 2014
Google Self Driving Car: Exciting Innovation of Google X Lab

Google Self Driving Car: Exciting Innovation of Google X Lab

The Google self driving car is one of the excellent innovative initiative by Google X labs. The software that will be specifically used to control the car is named Google Chauffeur. Google’s engineer Sebastian Thrun is presently managing the whole project. He is very famous for his few inventions including Google street view and robotic vehicle. There are other 15 expert engineers to improve the complete project. 

It was quite tough to run an autonomous car on the road of USA. There are some important things like to be permitted by the Government. Nevada, a state of USA, first provides permission to run the autonomous car on the public road in 2011, 29th June. This permission was for Toyota Prius that will be used for Google’s Google self driving car experiment. In April, 2012 – Florida took the steps to permit this experiment. California was the third to permit Google to run their Google self driving car on the public road. There was also a very interesting condition that all the time there will be a human in the seat of driver! 

According to Google x labs the car is quite expensive. The approximately cost is $150,000 with a laser radar system that costs $70,000. There will be a Velodyne 64-beam laser, it is a range finder. With very powerful combination the laser can generate very detail map, especially 3D map of its surrounding. With this 3D map, it can produce different types of essential data, high resolution map that help the car to run automatically. 

Google x labs tested their invention on different cars (10 cars) including Toyota Prius, Audi TT and Lexus RX450h. There were also drivers; each driver was selected for each car. In every car, an engineer of the project took place in the passenger seat. The car ran on the road San Francisco’s Lombard Street, the run started from the Golden Gate Bridge. There was also a system to allow the driver so that they can control the car if needs. 

Google published a YouTube video in 2012 (March), there was a common people named Steve Mahan who expressed his feelings after using Google self driving car. He passed few areas from his home quite successfully and returned home safely. He was excited and really he was satisfied with the service of Google x labs. 

The team of this project colorfully declared that their cars have finished more than 300,000 miles without any accidents and problems. There were several cars that passed this huge amount length and in each car there was also a driver, although he didn’t take any step to run the car. The car was totally self – driven. Many U.S states already have started to pass laws for giving the permission to run this car on the public roads. 

An accident took place in August 2011 with this driverless car. Although Google announced that in the time of accident the car was driven by the driver, it was not self – driven that time. Google x labs presently doesn’t make any plan to develop the car commercially, but they can announce any time to develop their Google self driving car commercially. People are really waiting for the exciting news and for this excellent innovation. 

Thursday, April 3, 2014


Creating Facebook pages is a superb way to promote your business, gather support for your brand, propagate a cause to build public awareness, or to publicize in a variety of other ways. Having an active Facebook page actually aids in gaining tremendous popularity, leading to promotion of your business and satisfaction of your anticipation. Anyone who has access to Facebook can own a page, and the amazing part is that you don't need to pay to start your page, which allows the low-budget companies to acquaint themselves with public without the necessity to pay for advertisement on mass media.
All content of Facebook pages gets indexed on Google, the positive side of which is that use of keywords on your posts that are topic-related to your page helps you promoting your products. Of course try to avoid stuffing the posts with the same keyword. Instead, use other keywords closely relative to the subject matter. For instance, if your subject matter is on "awesome stilettos" then you may use relevant phrases like "stilettos are awesomeness".
You can have an infinite number of fans for your page. You may promote your page and gather more likes by letting your friends know about your page and inviting them to like your page. You may even ask them to share contents of your page on their walls and gathering likes from friends of friends, thereby grab popularity for your page gradually.

Another fantastic feature of Facebook pages is that they are public and accessible to everyone who has access to internet, whether they have Facebook profile or not, which is great for the business. 
Facebook lets you choose between making pages for a:

  1. Local Business or Place: Suitable for online store or business.
  2. Company, Organization, or Institution: Suitable for business having more than one location with a variety of open hours and addresses or that does not need to attract customers to its physical premises.
  3. Brand or Product: Suitable when products are stocked by more than one retailer or sold through more than one website.
  4.  Artist, Band or Public Figure: Suitable for focused on and/or promoting artist or a band.
  5. Entertainment: Suitable for business that is categorized as entertainment, e.g. magazines, books, radio stations, movies, or TV shows.
  6. Cause or Topic: Suitable for charity or not-for-profit organization.

There are some structural differences among these choices, therefore before you attempt to choose the category, you must have a clear idea on those differences. A list is included here to provide you a clear concept on these categories.

Basic info
Detailed info

Contact info

Local Business or Place


Website, Address, City/Town, Zip, Parking, Hours, Price range, Description

Email, phone, website

Company, Organization, or Institution

Address, City/Town, Zip

Website, Mission, Description, Products, Awards
Email, phone, website, about
Brand or Product
Founded, About

Website, Description, Products, Awards
Artist, Band or Public Figure
Birthday, Affiliation, Address, City/Town, Zip, About

Website, Personal information, Personal interests, Gender, Biography, Awards
Phone, Email
Release date, About
Website, Description
Cause or Topic
Website, Description


Having a Facebook user account is the first and foremost condition for creating a Facebook page. You will have to log in to your Facebook account, or create one in case you don't have any. After setting up the user account, you can create as many Facebook pages as you desire, provided that your pages will be kept detached from your personal profile or account if you desire so. Remember to maintain regularly all those pages you admin in order to gather more fans and build good relationship as well as promote your page successfully.
Now on the top right-hand corner of your page you'll find a settings gear. Click on it, then click first on "Advertising" and then on "Create a Page" to the left of the center of the screen under "Step 1: Build Your Facebook Page".

Next click on the type of page you'd like to create, and then before you can move on, click to "Agree to Facebook Pages Terms".
Complete the process by clicking on "Get Started" after which you’ll be able to add some more information for your page.
Upload unique profile picture and cover photo that will represent the place or person you are going to publicize, then click "Save Photo". Suitable and attractive pictures are often proven to help the page grabbing customer or fan attraction.
You may upload more photos on your page's wall to give people a better idea and more information about your organization.

Post status updates to provide your fans with more information on your niche.
Now complete the ‘About’ section by providing basic information about your cause, and include a description, website, or provide another link, such as the link to your organization's Twitter page if there's any. All these will improve your rankings. Click "Save Info" after you have completed the section.
You can use the admin panel to seek help, edit your page, and build an audience for your page.
Monday, March 31, 2014


We are excited when we think about working from home and imagining that we earning a sufficient amount to maintain our daily scheduled tasks. Some of us are also confused that really is it possible to work from home! Yes, there are so many examples are available in front of us. Many people are doing their job and earning from their own bedroom. 
It is actually not possible to find out a job that is 100% free from all disadvantages. Every job and subject has its many advantages and many disadvantages. Although working from home is an interesting thing and exciting, but it is also not free from disadvantages. We will look on the advantages and disadvantages of working from home very shortly. 

Advantages of Working from Home

We will only find out the topics here that are benefits of working from home. These are very attractive and we can surely hope that you can think about “work from home” after reading this. 
  • Sleep as you want and no need to wake up very early in the morning! You can sleep as much as you want, you have no bound to go to office and you do not need to leave your bed very early. You can do many of your works from your bed when you have taken decision to working from home. 
  • What is the weather now? No need to know it, you are staying home and earning from home! 
  • You never like traffic jam. Okay, it’s fine. You are now free from traffic and you are doing your job and earning from your bedroom and balcony. 
  • You have no Boss. You are everything; you have been your own boss. 
  • There is no one in working from home who can make criticism for you. Do everything based on your own loves, heart and needs. 
  • Many working hours, you are saving your times in many ways and receiving a lot of working hours. 

Now Check the Disadvantages of Working from Home 

Generally, we cannot think a lot about disadvantages of anything when we find out some of the advantages from that. Here are still some disadvantages of working from home. Let’s take a look on those: 
  • Planning problem, most of the times we can’t plan properly and we lose many from our home business. 
  • We can’t be a real responsible person. Without a Boss, we are free and do everything, as we want. We do what we love, but we can’t consider the right things to be benefited in our home business. Finally, we can lose. 
  • We can be deprived from our social life. Day by day, we stay in our home and can’t meet many persons in our society. Thus, we can create a lack between society and ourselves. 
  • We don’t need any experience to start our working from home project. And for lacking of experience we can’t be successful. 

Saturday, March 22, 2014


The modern age is called the age of science and technology. We are people of age of science and technology. The importance of science and technology is highly noticeable in our daily practical life. We are drowned in the gift of science. We can’t imagine to living without the helping of science and technology a moment. It behaves like as friendly. We have gone in a time by the development or enriches of science and technology. The necessity of science and technology is increasing day by day. 

The knowledge is acquired by practically and systematic way, it is called science. Generally science means systematic knowledge. The logic which is used to make product it is called technology. Generally technology means the practical apply of scientific knowledge.
The importance of science and technology in a man’s life is very essential. Man can’t live without the feat of science and technology. The gift of science is an essential part for every human life. There are the many sides of science and technology such as communication, education, health, entertainment, technical etc. Computer, Internet, Fax, TV, Radio, Rocket, Mobile, Tab, iPod, iPad, iPhone etc. are the gifts of science and technology.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


We live in the age of modern science. We can’t think of a single day without science and technology. It makes our lives very easy and comfortable. It changes our total life. So, We can tell undoubtedly that it is an essential part of our practical life.
Science means systematic knowledge and technology means practical application of science. We are drowned all of our moments in the gift and importance of science and technology. It alters our world. It makes our daily work more easily day by day.
The modern communication system is the feat of modern science and technology. It changes our total communication system. It is shorten our long distances. We can go easily one to another place at a few moments. Medical science is one of the best importances of science and technology. It is a part of our daily life and in different ways; we are using medical science daily. It changes our medical method. X-rays, ECG etc. are the wonderful gift of modern science and technology.

Our modern education system depends on science and technology. Our modern education system can not think without it. Any types of exam results, Academic information, and jobs information can be received easily at a moment. It is developing our modern education system totally. 
Electricity is one of the best wonder of modern science and technology. The discovery of electricity works like as a magic. Due to the electricity, our life enriches every moment and it has increased the importance of science and technology. We can not think a moment in a day without electricity. Using electricity we can use computer, fan, light, electric iron, TV, radio, electric bike, mill factories, refrigerators etc. We are leading a life, very comfortable and more easily. Science and technology have created many options in entertainment. Science changes our total entertaining life. In the feat of science we can enjoy our proper life very easily.

Internet is one of the best inventions of science and technology. Using this invention we can get any types of information within a few minutes. It makes our world very small. E-mail, Goggle search, Skype, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc. are the best gift of modern science and technology. Many kinds of software make Internet easy, enjoyable and interested. Undoubtedly the importance of science and technology can’t be described correctly within few words and sentences.
Modern agriculture system depends on science and technology. The feats of science develop in agriculture system day by day. The discovery of hybrid seed is one of the best gifts of science. Using many agricultural product people gets a large number of benefits.

So, we can tell that science and technology are around all of us in every moment. We don’t forget the best feat of science and technology. It makes our life longer and most interested. So every people should tell that we are proud to brown in the age of science and technology.
Saturday, March 15, 2014


Science (Latin: scientia, which means "knowledge") is an efficient source of gathering information regarding nature and organizing and condensing that information into different laws and theories. No doubt, we can’t express everything in our words about importance of science and technology.

Technology is a term pertaining to no matter what can be said at any specific historical period, regarding the state of the art within the whole general field of sensible power and gear use. It so besets all that can be said about professions, crafts, arts, skills and applied sciences.

The word "technology" may accustom to a collection of techniques. During this context, it is the present state of humanity's information of a way to mix resources to provide desired merchandise, to resolve issues, fulfill wants, or satisfy needs; it includes techniques, tools, technical methods, processes, skills, and raw materials. Once mixed with another term, such as "space technology" or "medical technology", it assigns to the state of the several field's tools and information.

Importance of science and technology in our daily life is unlimited. Science and technology could be a term of art accustomed to comprehend the link utilized to encompass the relationship between science and technology. It generally arrives within titles of educational disciplines (science and technology studies) and government work places.

The importance of science and technology in present society is established by the comatose use of it in our daily lives. We regularly take it for granted. And we typically have not any plan how science and technology really affect us! We tend to live and work in structures given to us by science and technology. Modern societies are actually established on science and technology.


People have started taking care of their own health and life. So, the expectancy of a man living in the nineties is concerning twenty years additional on a median from that which people enjoyed at the beginning of the last century. It is an importance of science and technology that by the virtue of drugs, not solely does a man live longer however conjointly lives his life to the fullest in the better of health.

Thanks to science, legion lives have been saved from the claws of these evils. The advantages of invention of these vaccines needed to be passed on to the human. To cater to the massive human population, science and technology in this field emerged facet by facet the scientific development. Better approach resulted in faster and more useful development of these scientific explorations.


A rapid transformation has been undergone in one more area which is, Communication. In older days, telegraphs were thought to be as high class and one among the few ways of communication with the other side of the world. But now, the situation arises to be quite different. From faxes and telephones to internet, mobile phones and email, technology has communicated the whole universe into a global village, which is an importance of science and technology.

Modern science and technology has helped magnified the speed of communication whereas at identical time the value for such a proposition have greatly deduced. Men who are disjointed from their relative and friends by a distance of thousands of miles can currently get their message round the globe within a matter of seconds using different technological instruments such as the emails and phones.


Science and technology conjointly helps a country conserve its citizens from any natural or man-made calamity such as tornadoes, war or even earthquake. The people are informed in such events earlier and timely action is taken to ensure the lives of legion people every year. Humans can envision the weather of the next 15days and thus Weather-man admonishes us how technology has developed and that are an importance of science and technology. Weapons invented by the countries for protection and serving their probity help bring about peace among competing countries as nobody in such a case is prepared to face the loss caused by them and thus diminish of thought of war on an enemy.
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