Sunday, July 6, 2014

This article is all about to show you how you can copy and paste several portions of document in Android. It is not that tough to divert between applications in Android, however it is yet not the easiest form on the platform. You may solely do one part of document at a moment while attempting to copy data from one window and join it to the other. Then moving backward and forward between the 2 windows might begin to feel a bit tiresome.

You may get a floating clipboard, which enables you to make a menu of derived data with Copy Bubble. By this method, you will not have to be compelled to leave the initial document and move backward and forward for the remainder. Are you prepared to begin? 


Stage 1:
Firstly you have to set up copy bubble on your android 4.0 and up gadget. As the folder is just 2MB, it may not take much memory.

Stage 2:
Mark the data and copy as you usually would. Copy Bubble would include every portion of data to the clipboard menu. The floating bubble will show the quantity of things on the menu.

Stage 3:
While you are going to paste anything, choose it from the Copy Bubble menu and press the copy symbol on the upper point of the window. You may simply utilize the general paste system if you need to paste the last thing you copied. Moreover, if you are eager to share the document with any other application such as, Facebook you can simply use the share button.

If you want to delete any of the copied things, you can just press the ‘X’ beside them in the menu. You can additionally modify whether or not the notification shade symbol shows, and conjointly drive the bubble across on your screen. So what are you thinking? This will surely assist you to be more beneficial while copying data and pasting anywhere.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Generally, the iris has natural blades that act so as to vary the quantity of light coming into the lens, either closing down or opening broader.

Introducing a new chemical iris,which offers to shift culture on its head, cancels out the want for natural blades and greatly decreases the total size of a camera width. An animator is still wanted to shift the blades. As a result decreasing the recent physical iris blade method is questionable.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Is there a ghost out of the device? As we are living in an exceedingly leading town, Wi-Fi waves and Internet alerts envelope us like phantoms or ghostly spirits. In numerous moments, we have speculated if the apparently present native networks could be pictured or perhaps animated as distinctive figures and forms. A PhD candidate named Luis Hernanat Newcastle University with the Architecture and Interaction Design Group is introducing such an idea, because he has invented a device that shifts Internet gesture into spirited, LED-based shapes. 

In the previous days, we have visualized theoretical analysis of what Wi-Fi can appear like, however this is a machine, which shifts original information into graphics.
Luis Hernan has named this machine the “Kirlian Device”. It has titled for Semyon Davidovich Kirlian the Russian discoverer, who invented Kirlian photography, which is a method for photographing electrical discharges, sometimes not visible to the bare eye. However his device has something of the metaphysical in it.
The Kirlian Device determines the features of Wi-Fi alerts in its actual local are a very merely, and displays a comparable color from red to blue.

Red – most active alert
Yellow– marginally active
Green – marginally active
Violet – marginally active
Blue –weakened alert.

Luis Hernan made the Kirlian Device out of a Wi-Fi safeguard and Arduino UNO board for the purpose of his project. It is attached to a bar of LED lights. However, he has additionally introduced a free Android app in order that customers might strive it for themselves, and encouragement-workers to give him a line through his website. The Kirlian Device mobile app conjointly reads the Wi-Fi manager condition and searches Received Signal Strength Index information for turning Wi-Fi data collected from your present area into a color sketch. So now, if you have to get a buddy to join you at your usual restaurant, you got a device to back up your demand that the place surely does have the finest Internet connection in the city.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Android utilizes are able to install different applications from the very first day on a Pebble smart-watch to boost music playback abilities discovered on the watch. The capability to maintain playback volume from individual’s wrist was one of those improvements. On the other hand, people, who are utilizing iOS, were got into the cold once it started to maintain volume from a timepiece.

Pebble announced firmware version 2.2 of the wristwatch and developed associate applications for both Android and iOS early in June. The launcher menu, among the latest options, which added the capability to reconstruct, was additionally the capability to intrinsically maintain volume levels from the wristwatch. I believed it was necessary to writing up for associate Pebble proprietors, as it is not fully evident how the latest option performs.

You ought to be sure that you are using the newest form of the Pebble application from the Play Store or App accordingly. Additionally be certain that you are using minimum firmware version 2.2 on the wristwatch. You may inspect this by initiating the Pebble application on your android phone and choosing the option ‘Support’ and then ‘Check for updates’. The application will download and install the restore if it finds any.

While you are sure that you are using the best and newest Pebble has to provide, initiate the Music application on your wristwatch and start playing any song. By holding in the select button on the wristwatch for one or two seconds, you can maintain the volume of desired music. 

You may notice a short vibration and the symbols next to the up and down buttons may switch from rewind or fast-forward to speakers. With the bottom button making it decrease, the top button may generally increase the volume level. This option for Pebble was much desired, if hardly ever requested to combine with the wristwatch.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Apple Inc is a highly competitive and innovative company. It has established itself as a big brand name in the mobile, laptop and personal computer segments. Apple with its iPhone is in the forefront of mobile manufacturers. Its iPhone is considered one of the coolest gadgets. Apple continues to invest heavily in research and development to come up with innovative and eye catching products from time to time. This time Apple is in the news for its new mobile operating system iOS 8.

Apple claims the new iOS8 to be the world’s most advance operating system. iOS8 is likely to provide more natural experience enabled by purposeful and efficient enhancements.

iOS8 provides enhanced user control to maximum device battery backup. Users can recognize which apps or features are highly battery intensive and can take decisions on running such apps or features.
In iOS8’s messaging center enables users to send audio and video messages right in a text message. Besides, a user can also set “Do Not Disturb” on specific conversations to avoid receiving regular alerts. iOS8 also provides a feature in the messaging center through which a user can share his/her location with contacts in conversation.

With iOS8, Apple presents a new feature called Family Sharing, which allows a maximum of 6 different Apple users share all iTunes, iBooks and App Store contents including purchases. Family Sharing feature automatically shares a user’s location with his/her family members which can result in a map showing location of all the family members. This feature is also helpful in locating any lost devices of your family members. Nonetheless, Family Sharing also enables parental control on purchases on iTunes, iBook and App Store. A family can share a single credit card for all such purchases wherein the kids can be enforced to seek their parent’s permission if “Ask to Buy” option is enabled.

This feature is particularly useful to the problem of children downloading paid apps on their parents' credit cards: With Family Sharing, the parent gets notified, and then can grant or deny the purchase.
In iOS8, Apple is providing greater flexibility for developers to develop apps with deeper access to hardware and iOS components. It is the first time in the history of iOS that third party on screen keyboards are allowed, media applications will have superior access to the camera and interactive notification.

Among these, allowing third party on screen keyboards is likely to be revolutionary. A third party keyboard like Swype for Andriod lets user to swipe around a keyboard rather than to tap, providing a smooth landing platform for users migrating from Andriod devices to iOS devices. The iOS 8 is also providing enhanced features with camera. The camera, besides providing focus and exposure control, will also have options for a three-second timer and time-lapse capture for video. iOS8’s interactive notification center is also quite helpful. A user while watching a video, do not need to launch the messaging center to reply an incoming message. He/she can reply to message by just pulling down the notification banner for the message eventually returning to the video.

Besides the above mentioned key enhancements, there are various other enhancements iniOS8 such as iCloud Drive which enables file sharing across devices, health app which keeps track of various health related parameters including calories burned, greater collaboration among iPhone, iPad and Mac enabling an activity to start in one device and be finished in other device and Apple’s new programming language- Swift helping developers.

Overall, iOS8 seems to be revolutionary platform which will not only rejuvenate iPhones and iPads but also help Apple strengthen its foothold against Android. 

Friday, June 6, 2014

Sky Lake, the code name for post-Broad well next generation platform of Intel is going to offer Intel reference designs to introduce wireless PC by eliminating all PC cables- as announced Wednesday by the chipmaker.

A special wireless display, charging and docking features was demonstrated on stage during a speech at the Computex show in Taipei by general manager of the PC Client Group and Intel's senior vice president Mr. Kirk Skaugen. These features will eliminate the mess of power cords, peripheral cables and display connectors.

Possibly the wireless technology to carry data and display signal is the biggest element in Intel’s vision of a wireless PC. Intel is going to use WiGig technology to remove all wires from computers. The high-speed WiGig standard delivers speeds of as far as 7Gbps, which is about 3 times faster than the latest 802.11ac Wi-Fi technology.

Intel aligned with A4WP (Alliance 4 Wireless Power) that promoted a magnetic resonance charging technology called Rezence. The wireless charging specification is going to be used in the wireless PCs for power. The system also has the power to charge unlimited number of devices simultaneously, which can be used particularly in crowded caf├ęs or suchlike public places where people compete for power outlets. Because the system is able to charge laptop through as far as 2 inches of wood, it can be installed under a table surface. PC makers like Toshiba, Lenovo, Asus, Fujitsu, Dell and others also joined the organization.

Along with the wireless experience, Intel also intends to make PCs more interactive. As stated by Skaugen, computer with 3D cameras is going to be introduced by the end of 2014. Track movement, reading habits and recognizing human emotions will be possible with the help of these cameras, which will make human interaction with the PC a lot simpler.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

As stated in the Wall Street Journal, Google plans granting access to Internet to underserved area of the world by investing more than $1 billion to set up hundreds of low-Earth orbit satellites.

Details remaining unknown, people familiar with the project told the newspaper that the project would probably begin with 180 small but high capacity satellites that will move into low orbit than traditional satellites. The initiative could have a price range between $1 billion to $3 billion. The venture is expected to be led by the initiator of satellite-communications start-up O 3b Networks, Mr. Greg Wyler. As stated by another person acquainted with the hiring initiative, engineers from Space Systems/ Loral, LLC have also been hired to work on the project.

Providing reliable Internet access to developing areas by inventing ways to extend Internet coverage from the sky without investing in high-priced ground-based infrastructure has been long wanted by Google. The company unveiled an experiment called Project Loon to provide broadband internet access with the help of high-altitude, solar-powered balloons that are controlled by remote, can cross stratospheric winds far higher than most planes travel (about 12 miles above the surface of the Earth) and that can communicate with receiver stations and special antennas on the ground. Google X, Google's in-house skunk works facility has given rise to the initiative for delivering Internet via air balloon.

Google’s effort on Titan Aerospace, the maker of a high-altitude solar-powered drone (which can stay aloft for 5 years) that was acquired by the company in April is apparently bolstered. Solara 60 of the New Mexico start-up that is made of composite materials is a featherweight aircraft, which without re-fueling can keep up an altitude of sixty-five thousand feet for years and carry as far as 250 pounds of wireless communications equipment and other suchlike gear.

Facebook, which was, have been interested in Titan Aerospace and Google considers now leading a coalition of mobile technology companies called as competitor in its quest for providing access to Internet to underserved areas.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Windows Phone, formerly known as the Windows Phone 7 Series is latest and most advanced system developed by Microsoft. Launched in the fourth quarter of 2010, the latest Bill Gate's innovation has already taken a meaningful market share.

Extra-large group of live icons in vibrant color makes the windows interface significantly different. The screen has a lively appearance with superb graphics and multi-touch technology. User is also able to pin any person from social networks and obtain present status and images of that person all over the day.

Windows Phone provides its user with tiles on the Start screen linking to web pages. It supports multiple browser windows all of which can work in parallel. The text is presented in a way that is easy to read. Microsoft Office is connected to Cloud for over the air syncing.

Xbox Music and Xbox Video allow users to access podcasts, music and videos. In fact windows phone is the only phone that has built-in Xbox. User can buy or rent music, TV episodes and movies by directly accessing links to the Xbox music and video store.
Users can upload photos, tag others or comment photos of others uploaded in social networking sites and also can view uploaded albums with the help of the Pictures hub.

Windows Phones allows viewing and editing most MS file formats with pre installed Microsoft Office mobile tools. With being accessible through a single Office Hub, MS Office has turned Windows Phone into a precious presentation tool.

Windows Phone introduces Word Flow Keyboard, the fastest and most instinctive keyboard. It recognizes user’s writing style and contact name of people, and has bigger word library for quicker and easier typing. You can even slide your finger over the screen with the shape writing feature.It also features word prediction and spell checking. 

The “Action Centre”, a drop down notification bar enables to see notifications from any app in just one swipe. Also it enables a rapid access to the personalized quick actions like Bluetooth, Rotation Lock, Air-plane mode and Wi-Fi.

Outlook Life Tile
Being one of the best features of WP, the tile lets the user quickly view important emails and flag them.

The calendar portion allows you to coincide your personal and work schedules in multiple calendars.

This Windows phone feature acts as a powerful source of social interaction allowing user to select his contacts. The following features are available in this app-

  1. Room Chat: Allows room members to chat with each other.
  2. Shared Calendar: Room members can view and update calendar as well as make events.
  3. Shared Photo Album: Photo and video album sharing is possible with other members.
  4. Shared Notes: Allows sharing of Onenote notes.

The feature detects and limits the amount of data the user uses.

The feature handles connecting automatically to a free Wi-Fi network once you are within range of one.

You can make the most of your battery life with the help of battery saver app when you’re running low. When turned on, this feature monitors and manages apps and turns off any apps or things that may drain phone battery.

Volumes of apps, notifications, ringtones or music can be set to different levels with Windows Phone.

Considered as a digital personal assistant, Cortana keeps track of your habit and interests and helps managing your daily activities. The app keeps a notebook to keep all your information. You can check news headlines, traffic, weather and many other things in the interest section. It also features voice recognition services. You can talk to your phone about what you are looking for, and your phone will convert your speech into text and search for the information.

The following BT profiles are supported by Windows Phone
PBAP 1.1
A2DP 1.2
HFP 1.5
HSP 1.1


Though the vibrant live tiles are a great source for easy access to information, it has some limitations. Notifications from Facebook and Twitter can never be gained from these live tiles. Also for many other apps, live tiles act like only an icon rather due to lack of updating information.

Significant disinterest of the developers has been observed towards the Windows Phone Marketplace. This may be due to Microsoft’s lack of efforts to promote their products.

Email threading sometimes stops working. Problems occur sometimes while deleting emails from within the Gmail inbox.

Many Windows Phone features are exclusive for itself, which means they can only be accessed with WP.

Speech recognition feature is not as good as Apple's Sir or Google's Android voice control.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Blogging platforms can be complicated to use due to featuring a multitude of plugins and widgets. Choice of suitable platform is necessary to build carrier on blogging as well as to promote products or services.
Here we are going to discuss on 7 minimal blogging platforms and their basic focus and purposes.


An easier way to blog is Postagon, a well -known simple blog equipped with the basics only for a pure writing and reading experience. Postagon is not ad-supported which makes it appear clean and prevents from being messy. The blogging platform features RSS feeds, Retina display support, visual and markdown editor, posting via e-mail and Google Analytics. Post can be shared on a wide variety of social networking sites requiring no separate app.


Svbtle generally provides an easy platform to collect and share ideas concentrating mainly on writing being the so-called “invite-only network”. The platform appears with a sleek design, and the dashboard inspires the bloggers to share ideas into draft posts. A custom domain and avatar can be used by bloggers. Readers can only rate posts as unlike many other blogging platforms comment feature is not available in Svbtle.


Ghost was introduced in an attempt to bring blogging back to basics. It is free to use, appears sleek and simple and comes with a split screen writing function where live preview is on the right and Markdown editor is on the left. The beautiful dashboard have drag-and-drop feature and holds all the essential information about blog in one place. Ghost is completely free to share ideas and concepts.


Another simple and free-to use blogging platform is Wardrobe, which too concentrates on writing. The theming system being powerful, blog designs matching to blogger’s own business can easily be created. Blog posts can be scheduled and tagged for grouping and categorization. works by literally converting Evernote into a content management system, thus claiming to be “the simplest blog ever”. People other than Evernote user can use by creating account through the platform. It supports Google Analytics, Disqus and Markdown. Themes are easy to create and custom domain and avatar can be used. Posts can be embedded to YouTube and Vimeo videos and shared on a wide range of SNSs.


Medium is a simple yet great way for bloggers to gain exposure. The platform is much professional, requiring no tools or widgets to master and essentially contain no distraction for the audiences. Readers can easily find their topic of interest by looking up in the categories and can also leave comments for feedback purposes. Ideas can be reached to thousands of people without directly concentrating on blogger’s own services or products.


Jekyll works by transforming dynamic components into static websites, and thus known as “static site generator”. Switching to the platform from another blogging system is lot easier as compared to other platforms. It is mainly a parsing engine requiring no internet connection and having the ability to host freely on GitHub Pages.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Nokia’s recent initiative is Nokia x series. It will really improve the real Nokia user experiences. Many people in the world love Nokia blindly, but this is awesome Smartphone that can steal the heart of the users. All the phones of Nokia x series have very impressive look, first time that can attract any people. Its design is also very attractive, slim and obviously beautiful. I especially like its some alluring different colors. 

Now we are just going to look on the basic features of the Nokia x series. 

It has excellent dimension. 
  • Very noticeable length – 115.5 mm 
  • Perfect width – 63 mm 
  • Smart thickness – 10.4 mm (you like it) 
  • Your preferred weight, slim – 128.7 g 

Now see on the display area, do not worry – you will obviously like Nokia x series. 
  • Perfect display size for Android – 4” LCD 
  • High quality resolution – WVGA (800x480) 
  • Screen – Nokia glance, double tap and wide viewing  
  • Sensor – orientation, control brightness 
  • Color – Eye catching Truecolor (24bit/16M) 
  • Obviously great aspect ratio – 15:9 
  • Pixel – 233 ppi (density) 
  • Capacitive 2-point touch screen technology 
  • 3 types of sensors – Ambient light, accelerometer and Proximity sensor 

Keys, From Factor and Input methods: 
It has very sensitive user touch screen. Other hardware keys are volume keys, power and lock keys, back keys. It has monoblock touch ‘form factor’. 

Connectivity Features: 
Nokia x series phones only support Micro SIM. Users can easily use Dual standby SIM. Mostly used Micro-USB charging connections are also applied here. Here is a 3.5 mm audio connector that will be used as AV connectors. USB 2.0 connection is available here. 

Bluetooth Features: 
  • HSP, headset profile 1.2 
  • HFP – Hands free profile 1.5 
  • PBAP 1.0 – Phone book access profile 
  • A2DP 1.2 – Advanced audio distribution 
  • GAVDP – General audio and video distribution 1.2 
  • DUN – Dial up networking 
  • FTP 
  • OPP 1.2 – object push profile 
  • AVRCP 1.3 – Audio/video remote control profile 
  • IEEE 802.11 b/g/n – WiFi WLAN 

There are also few noticeable WLAN Security features that have increased the value of Nokia x series. There is another Wireless connectivity named WAPI. 

Data and Network Condition: 
  • 900 MHz and 2100 MHz WCDMA network 
  • 7.2 Mbps HSDPA maximum data speed (DL) 
  • 5.76 Mbps HSUPA maximum data speed (UL) 
  • 850 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 1900 MHz – GSM 
  • GSM maximum data speed – 236.8 kbps (EGPRS, DL) and 85.6 kbps (GPRS, UL) 

Power Management Options: 

It has excellent battery of 3.7 V with 1500 mAh capacity. Battery can be removed easily. Very noticeable talk time 13.3 hours of 2G and 10.5 hours (max) of 3G with 28 days standby time. 17 days standby time for dual SIM, 26 hours music playback, 8.4 hours video playback browsing time in average 4.5 hours – all these features can be obtainable fairly. 

Processor is Qualcomm Snapdragon S4, type of dual-core, 1 GHz. 

It has enough 512 MB RAM and 4 GB mass memory, MicroSD memory card. It can accept 32 GB memory card also. 

Essential Application: 
It contains all the general and essential applications including Calculator, Calendar with location, Clock, Alarm, Fixed dialing, Phonebook, Social networks, etc. 

Other Essential Apps: 
It has touch UI Game features. It supports JPEG, BMP, PNG, WBMP, GIF89a and 87a. 

Nokia X software is its operating system. Software update is FOTA, Firmware Over-the-Air. 

Some Noticeable Features of Nokia x series: 
  1. It supports native email clients, Hotmail, Yahoo, Microsoft ActiveSync. Facebook, WeChat, Viber and Twitter have added extra value to this series. Users can use instant messaging, text and multimedia messaging and other important messaging features. 
  2. Its excellent security features can attract more customers. It contains mobile VPN and data encryption for the mobile, firmware update, PIN code, device lock. 
  3. It accepts Nokia browser, HTML, Opera. 
  4. It has most used social media apps including Facebook, Viber, Twitter, Skype, WeChat. 
  5. Users can share photos and videos through Social apps, email attachments, Internet and Bluetooth. 
  6. It is obviously Wi-Fi enabled device. 
  7. It contains very attractive GPS navigation features. It has HERE Drive and Maps. Users can be pleased with its Offline Maps and A-GPS and Cellular. 
  8. Nokia x series have high-resolution camera, 2048 x 1536 pixels, primary camera is 3 MP. This fixed focus camera provides JPEG format images with 4 x zoom and 32.4 mm focal length. 
  9. You can capture Still, Panorama and Video. With its automatic light sensitivity and excellent color tone modes, photos can be viewed as album and timeline. 
  10. Nokia MixRadio is for playing music and audio. It supports almost all music formats including MP3, AMR-NB, FLAC, MIDI, AAC. Don’t worry, you can use Stereo FM radio. 
  11. Its video camera provides 3GP and MP4 video with a good resolution FWVGA (864 x 480). Its 4 x zoom, white color balance can provide excellent quality videos. 

Note: In the sales package you will receive Nokia X dual SIM, battery BN-01 1500 mAh, charger AC-20, stereo Headset WH-108 and quick guidebook.